Stephen Fishwick’s ability to infuse color, movement, and sound into

each of his paintings creates an aesthetic style all his own.  His personal

mission is to constantly push himself creatively and with over 20 years of

artistic experience in the field of commercial art, it’s easy to see that Stephen

has become a master of his craft.


Stephen’s first accolades were earned in High School from his amazing ability to communicate raw emotions and life on canvas. With the persistence of his high school art teacher, he enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburg. Less than a year later, he started working as a professional artist, drawing portraits, caricatures and illustrations.

Stephen began expanding his artistic education by studying traditional drawing and painting under Jeff Watts at the Watts Atelier of the Arts in Southern California.  Influenced by a wide range of renowned painters, from Norman Rockwell to Salvador Dali, John Singer Sargent to J.C. Leyendecker, Stephen has created a style all his own. “Every day I fall in love with drawing the human face and form,” he says. “My sketchbooks are filled with drawings of life, from people to animals.”

In a career that has spanned over two decades, Stephen has earned widespread acclaim, but what makes him most proud are his philanthropic endeavors that have raised over $1 million for different charities.  He’s also produced artwork for corporate America, with professional clients that include The National Football League, Microsoft, Apple, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Honda, Anheuser-Busch, Disney, Busch Gardens Florida, San Diego Padres and National Geographic.


In addition to being an accomplished artist, it was in 2004 that Stephen started combining his passion for music, his love of people and animals, and his art to bring his unique brand of high-energy speed painting.

In the show known as Art Attack, A Full on Creative Assault, Stephen transforms a blank canvas into dynamic live portraits of icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and Bono choreographed to music.  His energy is infectious and the audience is on its feet, clapping and dancing along with Stephen as he creates his magic on canvas with riotous strokes of color both from his brushes and his bare hands – creating stunning images in a matter of minutes.

His goal is always to share with the crowd the electric euphoria that he gets from painting live on stage, and his hope is to ignite that natural creative spirit in each of us.  Stephen has traveled with this stunning show rocking millions of eyes annually around the world in such locations as Japan, Beirut, Kuwait, Germany, Canada, and all over the United States.


Growing up on a farm in Ohio, Stephen fell in love with animals at a very early age.  Drawing them and painting them, he grew to appreciate their fragility.  In 2007 he produced a high-energy live art painting show featuring endangered animals.  Designed to educate and creatively inspire participation in the plight of endangered animals and environments via an unforgettable explosion of art and imagination.

Since then, Stephen’s vision has led to the development of the For Life Collection of fine art.  Vivid canvasses of endangered animals that seem to simultaneously capture their environments and their very souls.  People are often deeply moved by the images in this collection.  Whether you find Stephen the Pollack of pandas or the Botticelli of Bengal Tigers, you cannot walk away from a For Life Collection painting unaffected. 

“Our goal is for the For Life Collection to directly impact our conservation partners with financial support and global reach in raising awareness for the plight of these beautiful animals,” he says.  Proceeds from paintings sold from the For Life Collection, and from the shows, go to support Stephen’s wildlife conservation partners, such as the San Diego Zoo, Wild Wonders and the San Diego Humane Society.  Since 2007, he has traveled the world with his conservation-focused live art show, educating audiences about the plight of endangered species from the San Diego Zoo to Downtown Disney to Japan and the Middle East.


The Fishwick art brand continues to astonish the world. His fine art is available in numerous galleries across the country.  He has been licensed by the estates of such, transcendent, icons as Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley to reproduce their images commercially, and his artwork have been merchandized on numerous commercial products such as posters, puzzles and apparel. His Icons collection has graced the halls of several Hard Rock Hotels.  Stephen has been named a Disney Fine Artist, an honor that will allow him to paint Disney characters and make his art available in Disney parks and galleries throughout the world.   And the For Life Collection has stormed the gift shops of Zoos, Museums, and Aquariums all over the country and soon to be internationally.

The Live Art Performance shows lend to promoting, engaging, and bringing to life this artwork and allow the audience to be apart of the artistic creation. Above all, Stephen is committed to the quality, growth, and the expansion of his art to reach and touch people in a new and fresh way.


Stephen is also the owner of Launch Live Art Entertainment– an entertainment company providing live performance art and show production, as well as being a single source for booking artists for live event productions.  Stephen is dedicated to mentoring and encouraging this team of skilled artists to live out their full artistic potential.